The focus of survey 003 is property management tools, software, and apps.  There were 26 respondents to this survey, which is less than what is considered full participation so the sample size may have affected the results.  Be that as it may, here are the results.

Do you use showing software?

Nearly 70% of respondents use showing software.  Of those that use showing software:

55.6% use ShowMojo
27.8% use Rently
16.7% use Tenant Turner

When asked “How well do you use your showing software?” most stated that they used it well but here is how the numbers broke down.  Out of the 18 companies that use showing software:
5 companies use Rently with an average satisfaction score of 9 out of 10.
10 companies use ShowMojo with an average satisfaction score of 8.5
3 companies use Tenant Turner with an average satisfaction score of 5.33

Do you use property management Software?

100% of the respondents are using some sort of property management software.

34% use Appfolio (9 companies)
23.1% use Buildium (6 companies)
19.2% use Propertyware (5 companies)
11.5% use Promas (3 companies)
3.8% use Rent Manager (1 company)
3.8% use Rentec (1 company)
3.8% use a self built system (1 company)

Most users stated that they used their property management software well.  Of the property management software with more than 1 user:

When asked “How well do you use your property management software?”:
The average Appfolio user response was 8.11
The average Buildium user response was 8
The average Promas user response was 7.33 and
The average Propertware user response was 7.2

Do you Use Inspection Software?

57.7% of companies use inspection software and 42.3% do not.  Of the companies that do use inspection software Zinspector had the largest userbase.

46.7% use Zinspector
20% use Happy Inspector
13.3% use Property Pal
13.3% use Property Inpsect
6.7% use SnapInspect

when asked “How well do you use your inspection software?”:
The average Property Pal response was 9
The average Happy Inspector response was 8.66
The average Property Inspect response was 8
The average Zinspector response was 7.42

What website platform do you use?

72% of respondent websites were built on either Property Manager Websites platform (36%) or WordPress (36%).  Each of the following website platforms were used by 1 company:
Handled by Franchise
Infinity Arts

Do you use a lead capture system on your website?

53% of respondents use a lead capture system on their website while 46.2% do not.  There was not a clear market leader in the lead capture system and most people were not happy with the lead capture system that they were using.  Only 3 out of 23 respondents said that their lead capture system was working at an 8+ out of 10.

What Customer relationship management system (CRM) are you using?

A whopping 76.9% of respondents are not using any CRM.
2 companies are using Lead Simple
1 company is using All Clients
1 comany is using ZOHO
1 company is using ACT and
1 company is using Active Campaign

Zoho had the highest response to “How well is your CRM system working for you?” with a rating of 9 out of 10.  Lead Simple and All Clients both scored an 8 out of 10, ACT scored a 7 out of 10 and Active Campaign scored a 1 out of 10.

What phone system do you use?

of the 26 respondents, 5 companies do not use a dedicated phone system.  RingCentral was a clear favorite for phone systems with a userbase of 10 companies or 47.6% who use a phone system. The following companies each had 1 company using their solution:
Local Provider
One Talk through Verizon
Panasonic PBX

 What property syndication system do you use?

Of the 26 respondents 8 companies or 30.7% did not use a property syndication system.  Of those that do use a property syndication system, 8 companies or 30.7% use ShowMojo, 3 use Appfolio, 2 use Free Rental Site, 2 use rently, and 1 use ListHub, MRIS, and Propertyware.

ShowMojo had the highest satisfaction rating with 9 out of 10, followed by Free Rental Site with 8.5 out of 1o and Appfolio with 7.66 out of 10.

What 3rd party tenant screening system do you use?

6 companies do not use a 3rd party screening system.  Out of the other 2o respondents:
4 use Resident Research
2 use Appfolio
2 use Background Info USA
2 use RentScreener
1 use Acranet
1 use Acutraq
1 use CSS
1 use Moco
1 use Virtually Incredible
1 use National Tenant Network
1 use PropertyWare
1 use Resolve
1 use Transunion through Buildium
1 use Western Reporting

What content marketing service are you using to create social media blog content?

34.6% or 9 companies do not create social media and blog content. 38.5% or 10 companies create social media blog posts inhouse.
15% or 4 companies use Four and Half.
3.8% or 1 company use one of the following: franchise support, Gazz consulting local SEO, social media contractor.

When asked “How well is your content marketing service working for you?” only 3 companies responded with a score of 8 out of 10 or higher. Out of the 3 companies that scored 8 or higher, 2 responded that they created the content inhouse (scores 8 and 10) and 1 hired 4 and Half (score 8).

The remaining respondents that used a service scored an average of 4.14 out of 10.

What email marketing system are you using?

84% or 22 companies are not using an email marketing system.
7.7% or 2 companies are using MailChimp
3.8% or 1 company is using Get Response
3.8% or 1 company is using Aweber

What Software makes your life as a property manager easier or more profitable?

TripLog, Showmojo
ZipForms+DocuSign, ShowMojo, Paylease
Appfolio, It makes life easier but falls well short in accounting
rently, appfolio
none at this time – looking for that
Evernote (my iPad, too)
Propertyware & Lead simple
Showmojo, VirtuallyINcredible, RingCentral, Appfolio
Rently, Buildium
Buildium and our internal portal
ShowMojo definitely makes my life easier.
The entire Google Suite and Google Drive. We can work from anywhere!
Appfolio currently
Propertyware and rently

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